Chapter One: Stepping Out

It was late in the afternoon as music filled the hallways of the Hellcats Headquarters. Angel walks up to the door, her ears perking as the music grew louder. It is slightly open, giving her a peek into the big room where many Hellcats could be seen dancing, drinking, and generally “Raising Hell”. As Angel reaches for and grabs the door handle, an imposing Hellcat with a golden chain gruffly wrestles it from her grasp. “Where is your Iced Out attire, miss?” he says, “This is an invitation-only event!” He slams the door in her face.

Finding a different route avoiding the party, she finds herself exploring the hallways of the Headquarters. She walks past the Gym where all the Sweaty Sally Cats were busy pumping iron and getting, well…sweaty. In a room on the upper floor she found the Gentlemen’s Club and Bar where all the Pimpcoats, Dark Varsity and Black Turtlenecks could be found discussing the current state of markets. She walked down towards another large gathering area where the Fratcats had posted up. She could only wonder what sort of discussions they had. She saw some Hellcats that appeared more approachable than their rowdy brethren, but she opted instead to head outside after deciding she had seen enough of their Headquarters.

Walking out into the cool night air, her eyes instantly lock onto the Outlaws bullying some of the more peace loving Hellcats. She thinks to herself, “They’ve certainly got to be the rowdiest of the bunch!”. Purposefully picking a direction that was going AWAY from those Outlaws, she is met by sweet and skunky clouds hanging over the Bud Club as they pass bongs, vapes, joints, and blunts around in a tastefully lit up grassy seating area near the Headquarters. Feeling an unusual chill in the air, she shivers as she looks into the darkness of one particular corner of the common areas only to find….the Afterlife Collective!

All these little subcultures seemed to be forming and while she enjoyed her time exploring their Headquarters, she felt that there was more out in the world to explore. She hails a taxi and gets in. She sits down and a deep, gruff voice asks, “Where to Miss?”. She hadn’t given it much thought yet, honestly….