Get to Know Luna Lions, Launching on the Luart Launchpad

Luna Lions Welcome back Explorers to another Get to Know article. Today we will take a dive into the Luna Lions and and their Pride. With a focus on community, Luna Lions NFT seek to bring people together in all the ways possible. Today we will talk about their vision and goals, mint schedule and their roadmap. […]

Get to Know Rekt Wolf , Official Luart Launchpad Partner

Rekt Wolves Welcome back explorers to another edition of Get to Know. This time we will take a look at the Rekt Wolf NFTs. If you have ever gotten “rekt” in the crypto space, then you might want to read on. The Rekt Wolf NFTs will be your key to a trove of information on well established […]

Get to Know: Skeleton Punks #SkellyFam

Skeleton Punks Welcome Explorers and Skellies to another Get to Know article. Today we’re introducing the quite popular Skeleton Punks NFT project. With their discord being highly active, this collection is one of the most anticipated projects to launch. Today we’ll go through who the Skeleton Punks are, their mint details, and the roadmap they currently have […]

Get to Know ArtsyApes Launching On Luart

ArtsyApes Welcome explorers and apes alike, we have an exciting NFT project coming to Luart. Trust us when we say this one is bananas. Today we will get to know the ArtsyApes project and what they are all about. ArtsyApes is the first NFT collection on Terra made entirely of physical elements. In this article […]

Get to Know Ronins by TerraBay Launching on the Luart Launchpad

TerraBay and Ronins Hello and welcome Explorers to another deep look into an exciting NFT project coming to Luart. Today we will take a look at Ronins and what utility and use cases they have. In order to do that, we first have to introduce what TerraBay is building. After that we will take a […]

Introducing the First Gamified NFT Marketplace based on the Terra Network

The global Covid-19 crisis has contributed to the rapid growth of digital assets and more specifically the non-fungible token (NFT) sector. Not only did Ethereum native NFTs experience record growth in early 2021, but the latter half of the year also brought NFTs to the main stage with other blockchain networks such as Solana. More […]