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Welcome explorers and apes alike, we have an exciting NFT project coming to Luart. Trust us when we say this one is bananas. Today we will get to know the ArtsyApes project and what they are all about. ArtsyApes is the first NFT collection on Terra made entirely of physical elements. In this article we will learn all about ArtsyApes’ vision, artistic process and some pretty sweet things you can do after you mint one of these apes. Let’s get right into it.

ArtsyApes seek out to be a first mover in many different frontiers of the Terra ecosystem. As mentioned above, ArtsyApes are created in the physical world by renowned artist Stebo, then brought over to the digital realm. A whole lineup of custom real life items is attached and can exclusively be either redeemed or commissioned by every token holder.

The Team

Stebo, from Austria, is the artist behind the brush. His art style aims to combine traditional painting with modern street art. He will be involved in the creation of every single commissioned ArtsyApe item. A little fun fact about Stebo; he made a coffee machine piece, the caffeenator, for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Thal, Austria, just a few kilometers from where the office of the team is located.

Meet the rest of the ArtsyApes collective:

  • Marta, Art Director and resident sweetie, has a passion for creative design. Designed all the 200+ traits digitally to be hand painted later for a better fit.
  • Tomaž, the development lead has many years of experience as a programmer in the block chain space and is also quite handsome.
  • Stefan, Film producer and photographer, is ever-industrious and creates the manifold content seen on the projects’ official Twitter, taking the collection to another level.
  • Anikó, the joyous Art Community Lead facilitates the world wide shipping of ArtsyApes items and has designed a virtual gallery for you to step in via their website.
  • Lambert, the Team Lead, serves as the metaphorical Gorilla Glue for this talented and diverse line-up and is responsible for all official communication.

The Process

The life of each ArtsyApe begins on canvas, where every building block of the collection is sprayed and painted, then photographed and scanned in high resolution. There are elements from many cornerstones of pop culture, from the realm of cinema to in-jokes born on the Internet. Some imagery is firmly anchored in the world of cryptocurrency, while other elements reference fashion and brands, topped off by an official partnership with Jägermeister. The algorithm that combines these assets is designed to create cool characters instead of artificial scarcity.

Physical Merchandise

Once a finished ArtsyApe has been minted, it can be brought back from the blockchain into the real world. There are three tiers that holders of an ArtsyApe can commission, with the first one being complementary. Once one of the tiers for that NFT has been redeemed it will no longer be available. Lets take a quick over view of the tiers.

  • Tier 3: (Free) 310GSM signed prints with certification that will depict token holders’ ArtsyApe available to ship world wide. We would like to stress that this is absolutely free for any token holder.
  • Tier 2: Signed canvas prints which include an NFC chip and layered with epoxy.
  • Tier 1: Hand painted 1m x 1m masterpieces on canvas, painted by Stebo from scratch, also layered with epoxy and includes an NFC chip.

Anchor Master

Here are some words from the team to further explain their products:

This project stems from the real art world, so we strive to offer a complete package for every type of art collector. Every token holder will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase an 1m x 1m rendition of their digital NFT as a hand-sprayed and painted physical artwork done by Stebo. We looked into the digital space to innovate in the physical, so these artworks aren’t fully off the grid either — Crypto NFC Chips are incorporated into each painting to serve as proof of ownership, origin and uniqueness. These artworks are covered by a layer of epoxy that not only protects the chip, but also gives the whole artwork a smooth and shiny finish.

An important trait of ArtsyApes’ physical artworks is that each package is only available to claim once per NFT — One print, one item of clothing, one masterpiece. From physical to digital back to physical, ArtsyApes is a project of many firsts. Whether you are a crypto bro or an art magnate, as the most complete NFT collection yet they have something in store for you. In case you missed another bit of information up there, yes they also produce clothing with prints of your ArtsyApes on it! The starting line-up consists of sustainably made Hoodies and T-Shirts.

Mint Details

Now for the juicy details of their mint.

Luna Master

ArtsyApes will mint on Luart, February 19th at 10PM UTC. The total supply will run at 3,777 NFTs available at 120 UST each.

ArtsyApes is a unique and stylish project that you don’t want to sleep on. Bridging the digital world of NFTs back to the physical world with top-quality art pieces is unlike anything the Terraverse has seen before. Not to mention, ArtsyApes are set to partner with other Terra projects to bring those NFT projects back to the physical world too, adding utility to multiple projects after they minted. Make sure to follow them on their socials below for the latest updates. See you on the other side explorers.

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