Get to Know Luna Lions, Launching on the Luart Launchpad

Luna Lions

Welcome back Explorers to another Get to Know article. Today we will take a dive into the Luna Lions and and their Pride. With a focus on community, Luna Lions NFT seek to bring people together in all the ways possible. Today we will talk about their vision and goals, mint schedule and their roadmap. Without further ado, put on your helmet Explorers and let’s dive right into the Luna Lions NFT.

The Pride

The Luna Lions give great care and importance to their Pride. They believe the community builds strength and confidence in their project. Therefore, they always consult and listen to their own. Just recently on their discord, they ran a poll to determine the mint price and supply of their project. The pride spoke and the team listened. The mint price was raised to 100 UST, from a previous 75 UST, and the supply further reduced to 5000. This is just one example of the Pride being consulted and valued.


Let’s jump right into the details of their mint.

Luna Lions will mint on Luart, March 9th. The total supply will run at 5,000 NFTs available at 100 UST each.

Their WhiteList is still open and are constantly running contests, giveaways or trivia to award more WL spots. They will be running a trivia this Sunday, February 27th and the following Tuesday and Thursday. The trivia will be held at 8pm UTC on all three days and will consist of 10 questions. The first person to answer the question correctly wins a WL spot. Other ways to get WL include; boosting the discord, becoming level 10 on their channel and overall bringing value to the community any way.


Luna Lions also have plans to have several meetups in person and in the metaverse. Lets take a look at their roadmap after mint.

  • Community Wallet DAO: Funds will be placed in a DAO controlled wallet. Luna Lion holders will vote on what a to do with a portion of that fund.
  • Charity Donation: Time to give back to the Lions. Will adopt some real life lions into the pride!
  • Luna Cubs: Second drop. Luna Cubs will be cute baby lions.
  • Metaverse Land: Will buy land in the Metaverse to build their own Pride Land where Luna Lions can chill together.
  • IRL Meetup: Will hold their first in real life meetup at a location decided upon by the Pride.
  • Merch Store: Merchandise to rep your Luna Lion.
  • Sneak Peek of Phase 2: Luna Lions will be looking to purchasing a suite in a stadium of your favorite MLS or NFL teams. Exclusive invites to Luna Lion holders.

Luna Lions NFT holders will be able to both meet in the metaverse and in real life events. Luna lions is community first project that focuses on building their Pride through honest conversation and meaningful interaction. That community extends to the magnificent creatures themselves. Luna Lions will adopt real living Lions to join their pride and give back to the original inspiration of the project. If you would like to know more about them make sure to follow their socials below, where you can find their latest news and updates. That is all for today Explorers. See you on the next one.

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