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Rekt Wolves

Welcome back explorers to another edition of Get to Know. This time we will take a look at the Rekt Wolf NFTs. If you have ever gotten “rekt” in the crypto space, then you might want to read on. The Rekt Wolf NFTs will be your key to a trove of information on well established and upcoming NFT projects not only on the Terra network but on 5 different chains. Today we will go over the goal of the Rekt Wolf NFTs, their DAO to earn model, research you can find, mint details and their roadmap. Put your helmets on and lets dive right in.

The Rekt Wolf NFTs are a collective of wolves who have all been rekt before, be it rug pulls, scams, unfortunate investments or simply bad judgment. The goal is to band together and form a multi-chain community helping one another from getting rekt. The community will span 5, Terra and 4 other unannounced, ecosystems creating the first multi-chain DAO.

The Rekt Wolves will share a vast wealth of information regarding different NFT projects as well as a safe place to vent if one were to get “rekt”. The information gathered is community driven, meaning the community is incentivized to provide their own due diligence. Owning a Rekt Wolf will allow you access to all of the research, alpha and experience of the DAO.

Bill: Accountant, spends all his free time grinding for WLs on projects that will never sell out.

DAO 2 Earn

At the core of the community is a desire to avoid getting rekt ever again, or just ever in general. In order to achieve this, DYOR is being incentivized within the community. Contributing your own research is appreciated and high quality content is even rewarded through the DAO’s monthly budget. Now you can do your on research and potentially get a reward for it.

Some tasks or projects might be deemed as priorities by the DAO and therefore will be assigned bounties. The bounties can be completed by all members, however exceptional reports will be compensated according to the DAO’s decision. Up until a while ago, the bounties were being rewarded with a whitelist (WL) spot or 69 UST. Starting soon, the bounties will be paid either in monetary rewards, free mints or WL spots for upcoming projects.

Types of Research to Find

The types of information that can be found is great and in abundance. An example of research that can be accessed is the NFT daily reports. With these reports you can see the latest analytics on other Terra projects. Information like floor price, 24 hour change in price, original mint cost, supply, number of owners, daily volume and more. This kind of information is very useful for those NFT hunters who are looking to make a good trade or purchase.

Raw data is definitely useful but other types of information can also be found in the DAO. For example, upcoming or established NFT project analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to give a overview and trustworthiness to a specific project. This analysis is broken down into 4 different sections. The 4 sections are all rated individually and then collectively at the end of the analysis. A project is assessed based on its’ community, team, utility/innovation and finally on their market cap and price.


Now lets get down to the Mint details.

Rekt Wolf NFTs will mint on Luart, March 3rd. The total supply will run at 2,222 NFTs available at 3 LUNA each.

Tom drunkenly bought $DODGE in 2017 and forgot about it ‘till now.


After the mint is complete the roadmap includes:

  1. Market listing. Rekt Wolf will immediately be up on Luart and a rarity tool will be released shortly after.
  2. The Rekt Wolf will establish the DAO and set up a proper governance model using the “POD” system.
  3. Streetwear Co. Partnerships and Commercial Rights. The team will partner with an apparel company to bring your Rekt Wolves to the real world through clothes.
  4. Passive Income Generation. Rekt Wolf will introduce ways to grant holders passive income through staking, redirecting a portion of royalties from secondary sales, and providing holders the opportunity to mint [REDACTED] NFTs, a secondary collection, with the rewards.
  5. DAO 2 Earn Implementation. A reward system for providing research, community building or taking up leadership roles.
  6. Cross-Chain Mints. Rekt Wolf will mint on 4 other blockchains to grow the community.

Rekt Wolf introduces the DAO to earn model for its holders and allows cross chain information sharing. The pain of the many who have gotten rekt helps to push this community forward. As a Chinese proverb says, “Failure is the mother of success”. Joining the community puts you one step ahead of those who don’t do their due diligence and ape into every project they hear. Good luck to everyone and don’t get “rekt”. Until the next one Explorers.

#PutYourHelmetOn 👩‍🚀

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