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Skeleton Punks

Welcome Explorers and Skellies to another Get to Know article. Today we’re introducing the quite popular Skeleton Punks NFT project. With their discord being highly active, this collection is one of the most anticipated projects to launch. Today we’ll go through who the Skeleton Punks are, their mint details, and the roadmap they currently have planned. There’s also a bit of alpha to be shared, so put on your helmets and let’s explore Skeleton Punks!

“When death came for them all, they rose from their graves and realized that death was only the beginning.”

Their story goes: Skeleton Punks is a collection, or an army, of reborn beings. Their purpose has been to protect the TerraVerse from any who try and disturb its’ peace. Be it from bears, institutions, or malicious individuals. In doing so, they’ve been given a second chance at life. In times of peace and prosperity, the Skeleton Punks go undercover and form a society, patiently awaiting their next call to arms. Will you join them?

Mint Details

This time we’ll jump right into the details of the mint.

Skeleton Punks will mint on Luart, on February 25th. The total supply will run at 5,064 NFTs available at 110 $UST each.

Now for some more detailed information.

*All times in EDT (UTC-4) and times subject to change.*

First will come the Discord OG members at 8:00 am-9:00 am (1 mint per OG wallet).

Next, the Community Whitelist Mint at 9:00 am-11:00 am (2 mints per wallet)

Third, Public Whitelist comes at 11:00 pm-13:00 pm (3 mints per wallet)

Lastly, the Open Mint will open at 13:00 pm and will run until all Skeleton Punks have been minted or one week has passed, whichever comes first. (5 mint per wallet)

Charity Auction

Wanting to protect and aid the TerraVerse, the Skeleton Punks have partnered with Angel Protocol to run a charity auction for Ultra Rare Skeleton Punks. Their target is to raise 50,000 UST for Angel Protocol and 100% of the proceeds will go to Angel.

1 of the Skeletons to be auctioned

RoadMap and Details

Things to look forward to after the mint include:

  1. The release of the rarity calculator, different rankings and trait rarity percentages.
  2. The Skeleton DAO will be created where the community can propose and vote on the direction they wish to see Skeleton Punks move towards. 1 Skeleton Punk is equal to one vote.
  3. Staking of your Skeleton Punks will also be implemented. Anyone who stakes their Skeleton Punk will earn ROI, airdrops and additional benefits that are yet undecided.
  4. The DAO will use the community wallet and proceeds from the mint to hold weekly giveaways for Skeleton holders.
  5. Skeleton Punks will join the metaverse and will be able to roam around in their full glory.
  6. Did someone say “Skelly Games” or even “Skelly Olympics”? (Some alpha from the team)

*Roadmap is not finalized and can change.*

Skeleton Punks is a collection that has resonated with many people in the Terra ecosystem and why not, their art is pretty tasteful. If you want to know what the hype is all about, jump into their discord, or follow them on their socials. The conversations are always lively, or re-lively I guess, and you can always find the latest announcements, sneak-peeks, and updates. Until the next time Explorers!

1 of 8 unique 1:1 NFTs

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