Luartians – Terra NFT Subculture Club of the Luart Trait

Writing a medium article for a subculture seems weird, but we think Luartians can be much more than just a subculture. We are taking our role in the Terra NFT Ecosystem very seriously. We believe that subcultures are and will be far more important in the future of NFTs on Terra.

We already see many collaborations between subcultures like IcedOut Bulls, IcedOut cats, and Fratcats. The ones that are seriously trying to engage with the community, but also outside of their community are getting stronger.

Luartians wants to build a bridge between Community, Creators, and the Marketplace. Every party has something to give and to gain by building and working together.

Luartians Vision

Community members will gain access to an exclusive Discord. Luartians will share Alpha Leaks, Sneak Peaks and organize Giveaways. People can discuss projects, give feedback to the marketplace and organize community events. They can directly interact with creators that are on the server.

Creators will gain publicity and exposure to members from other subcultures. Luartians can help plan and market their project while enabling a farther reach than one could expect through traditional marketing. They can get direct feedback from the community and build up hype by releasing alpha.

The marketplace gets a committed crowd and a strong base to advertise their launch to. They can get direct feedback as well from the community. Contact creators easily and have multiple creators work together for their Marketplace.

The first focus of Luartians is building a strong foundation. We invited creators, searched for the owners of the luart traits, and started making marketing for Luartians as well as for the Projects that joined. We grew from zero to 850 Twitter followers in 1.5 weeks and have had more than 120 verified Luart Traits owners join our Discord. We invited more than 15 Creators into our discord and have already started collaborations between them.

For now, we will focus on growing and building special projects together with these Creators and the Marketplace. We will keep thinking outside of the box to build something people haven’t seen yet on Terra!

Together We Build!

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